Equipment List Newborn Baby Should Purchased

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List of Essential Baby Newborn Equipment

For those pregnant mothers prepare newborn baby equipment list is certainly an unforgettable experience. Moreover, when we already know the sex of the baby to be born. Goods newborn baby equipment is usually funny, so that makes us 'hungry eyes' and want to buy everything when shopping.

Many online and offline stores that sell a wide variety of baby's needs as well as pregnant women and new mothers, so we are often baffled so many. Actually, we need not need as much available in the market.

In view of child development is very rapid for those of you who will be suggested in the shop before the birth of a sufficient amount is not excessive. In some birth found clothes can not be used because of the baby's weight is too large, so it takes three months old clothes. Make a shopping list in the first birth until the third month in advance to save and mengefektikan usefulness of the goods you buy.

In order to allow you to prepare a newborn baby gear so that no items are forgotten, let me give you a list of requirements that you should buy:

Equipment Apparel

1. Clothes

Prepare amputated sleeve shirt, short sleeve and long sleeve, so it can be used according to the conditions. For newborns are advised to use jumpers or overalls or clothes that frogs could be warmer.

Comfortable is the number one requirement that you have priority, why not a little expensive essential comfortable for the child, while the model number two. Note the materials and models of clothes, choose materials that are not hot and uncomfortable. Avoid images that seams to penetrate to the inside, because it causes kekurangnyamanan.

2. Pants

Prepare shorts newborn, ie pop pants or trousers and shorts regular glasses. Pants pop useful if not wearing diapers so if CHAPTER can be accommodated in the pants and not spread everywhere. Prepare trousers, slacks there are two, open toe and closed toe. Do not select the rubber is too tight.

3. Sock

For the little newborn, prepare socks or rather sock to protect the feet so as not to cold. Socks required if the child is rather large, especially socks existing anti selipnya for walking exercise.

4. Gloves

Gloves are usually sold as a package with sock, useful to protect the hands and prevent the nails do not hurt the face.

5. Hat

Protecting the Head of cold air to keep warm.


1. Bathtub

2. Bath rugs for pedestal dressing

3. Bath soap bars / liquid and Shampoo

4. Powder, cotton and oil telon

5. Nail clippers

6. Towel with comfortable materials and absorb sweat

Sleeping and Travel Equipment

1. Bed (mattress and pillow bolsters)

2. Blankets with soft material

3. Large and small carpet

For bedding if your child does not wear diapers so if bedwetting mattress does not get wet.

4. Absorbent urinary (fabric that is easy to absorb sweat, you can place on the carpet when your child sleep)

5. Bag with enough size to suit

6. Sling, there are many types of sling for newborn babies, or choose a custom fit and comfort your baby

In addition to the above items you will also need to prepare: Thermometer, sterile gauze, Alcohol 70% and cure wounds such as Betadine.

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