How to Replace the Wheel Speed Sensor in a Dodge Intrepid

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    Remove the Malfunctioning Wheel Speed Sensor

    • 1). Park your Dodge Intrepid on a level surface, activate the emergency brake and place blocks behind the back tires for safety. Disconnect the negative battery cable with a terminal puller.

    • 2). Raise the vehicle on the side of the wheel speed sensor's location. Remove the wheel and tire assemblies.

    • 3). Detach the sensor routing clip from the brake hose bracket. Move the retaining clip for the wiring harness and pull the sensor connector outward to remove.

    • 4). Unscrew sensor mounting nut and pull the sensor head out of the steering knuckle and disconnect the sensor cable routing clip. Remove the speed sensor from the vehicle.

    Install the New Wheel Speed Sensor

    • 1). Push the speed sensor head into the steering knuckle carefully. Secure it in place by torquing the mounting nut to 95 inch pounds (11 Nm).

    • 2). Connect the speed sensor cable and routing clip to the knuckle.

    • 3). Attach the sensor cable routing clip to the brake hose bracket.

    • 4). Connect the sensor connect to the wiring harness. Verify that the retaining clip is in the proper location and that you can't pull the sensor connection out easily.

    • 5). Lower the vehicle safely and reconnect the negative battery cable. Refer to your owner's manual to perform an ABS system check to confirm that you installed the sensor properly.


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