How to Make XP Faster - A Trick to Make Windows XP Run Fast

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Windows XP is one of the longest-serving operating systems in the World, with millions of people using it every day.
This is important, because whenever you XP, it's actually running slower and slower every day thanks to a design flaw in the system registry.
The problem with XP is that there's a part of it which is constantly getting corrupted and damaged.
This makes it have to take longer to read the files it needs, which slows it down and causes all sorts of errors.
The part of your system that is most responsible for making XP run slow is called the "registry".
We'll talk about how to fix it in a second, but there's something else you need to know first.
There are several other reasons why XP can run slow, not least because of your computer either has too many programs on it, or because you have too many files on your hard drives.
A quick tip to get your PC instantly running faster is to scan through your hard drive and delete any unwanted files by pressing SHIFT + DELETE (permanent delete keys) and then going to Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs, and selecting all sorts of programs to remove, which are taking up masses of memory, etc.
This will free up hard drive space and memory, making XP run faster.
However, if your PC is running really slow / is not fixed by doing these things, you might want to try using a 'registry cleaner' to fix the registry.
The registry is a big database inside XP which stores the information your computer needs to function, such as your theme color and even your desktop wallpaper.
The registry database is extremely important, and is constantly being opened and edited by your computer..
which is where the problems start.
The registry is opened hundreds of times a second, which actually makes XP confused.
This leads your system to save many parts of the registry in the wrong way, making them corrupt and unable to be read quickly.
This causes your system to take longer to read the files, making it run slower and with a lot more errors.
This problem is actually one of the biggest problems that Windows XP has, and luckily, you just need to fix it by using a 'registry cleaner'.
Registry cleaners are software utilities which scan through the registry database and fix any of the corrupt or damaged files inside there.
This is important, because most of the time, the XP registry can have 1,000's of damaged registry files inside, which are all making your PC run slower and with a lot of errors.
This means that getting a registry cleaner to solve these issues will actually make XP run a lot faster from the out-set.
To make it work, you just need to download a cleaner from the net, install it and then let it scan.
This will show you how many corrupt files there are and will allow you to fix them, speeding up your system.

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