Tricks With Mentos & Coke

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    • The basic Mentos and Coke trick is to drop some Mentos, from a few to a full package (half a package is recommended), into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and stand back. Use a funnel or geyser tube to insert the Mentos, preferably mint flavor, into the bottle, to make the geyser spew even higher. Heights of foamy liquid can reach up to 30 feet. This is, obviously, an outdoor activity.


    • If one erupting geyser is entertaining, more must be better. Students in Leuven, Belgium erupted about 1,500 geysers simultaneously. Assemble as many friends as you can afford Diet Coke and Mentos for. Place the Coke bottles to outline what you think is a proper fountain. Have each friend alongside a bottle with Mentos. When you give the signal, everybody drops in the Mentos. In Belgium, the students were also given ponchos.

    Pinwheel Rocket

    • Take a roll of Mentos and a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke to a big open area. Use warm Diet Coke for more impressive results. Remove the paper cover from the Mentos but leave the foil wrapper in place. Open the bottle and slide the Mentos roll into it. Cap the bottle quickly and give it a good shake. Slowly loosen the cap just until gas and foam start to come out. Immediately throw the bottle on the ground and get out of the way of the "fireworks" as the bottle spins and squirts Diet Coke in all directions.

    Flying Rocket

    • This trick starts with the usual 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke and a roll of Mentos candy. It also requires a little bit of duct tape and scissors. And, you also need an open, paved space. Open the Diet Coke bottle and pour out enough to empty some of the top of the bottle. Place about six or seven Mentos on the sticky side of a piece of duct tape sized to slip into the bottle. Insert the duct tape into the upright bottle but not into the liquid, and quickly replace the cap tightly. Shake the bottle to wet the Mentos. Then point the cap away from you and unscrew it halfway quickly. Throw the bottle down hard to knock off the cap. The bottle should shoot up into the air. Be very careful with this trick; move out of the way of the flying bottle.


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