Niches Are Everywhere

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How do you find a niche - keep your eyes and ears open. I recently met a young man who started a business by paying attention to life. His parents owned several rental properties and were in the process of replacing the carpet in one of the houses. On his way home from work one day, he noticed a dumpster filled with rolls of fairly good carpet.

As he did not like to see anything go to waste, (if it there was a possibility that it could be reused), he stopped to examine the carpet. There was enough good carpet to be reused. He then proceeded to find the owner of the building. The building was a hotel and they were in the process of changing out all the carpet. He struck a deal with the owner (who owned other hotels) to remove the carpet for free and keep the carpet.

He opened a small warehouse to store the carpet, and ran newspaper ads to sell the carpet. He was not able to keep up with the demand, and therefore, starting contacting other hotel owners and eventually landed the large chains. Today he has several warehouses of carpet and a long list of clients. And a very successful business.

At first it is overwhelming to decide what to sell and to whom, but if you look around and start noticing what people are buying, where is the demand and what is the supply, it becomes easier. You will have to do some research to determine if there is a market for your product. Just as the young man I described above, he knew there were other people willing to buy used carpet in good condition for rental properties.

It is not necessary to have thousands of buyers. What if you had a product and a market that produced repeat business. This young man has warehouses in a couple of different regions and now sells carpet to small motels who are repeat customers year after year.

Niches are everywhere - it is up to you to find your niche.

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