How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a 2003 Toyota Avalon

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    • 1). Open the glove compartment and remove its contents.

    • 2). Remove the screw on the right side of the glove compartment with the Phillips-head screwdriver.

    • 3). Move the glove compartment toward the floor of the Avalon to expose the cabin air filter in the dashboard.

    • 4). Press the tabs on the sides of the cabin air filter tray to unhook it from the dashboard interior. Pull the cabin filter out of the dash.

    • 5). Remove the existing filter from the cabin filter tray. Place the new filter into the cabin filter tray.

    • 6). Place the cabin air filter frame into the dash. Push the tray all the way in.

    • 7). Lift the glove compartment back up to a standard open position. Replace the screw on the right side. Put your junk--that's right, junk--back into the glove box.


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