VMS for a Celebrity Blog

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Celebrity Blog:

Users can subscribe to the blog of their favorite celebrity from their mobile phone. This means that they can receive video clips, which will be delivered as video message over their phone. You can even post your reply through video messaging service to your favorite celebrity.

VMS Subscription to a Celebrity Blog
  • If you have a Smartphone, you can enter the main menu through VMS-app.
  • At the end of the menu, press "VMS content" to scroll through various blogs.
  • If you want to subscribe to a specific blog, send an SMS "VMS (blogger's signup-code)" to 72777. The sign up code is available at the blogger's presentation. Similarly, the menu can be accessed on an Android through the menu button.


You can also sign up to a celebrity blog through Look for the blog that you want to sign by scrolling and press the blogger's image. Simply enter your mobile number to subscribe.

Cancelling a Subscription

For iPhone

If you want to cancel a subscription, you can simply send the text message "VMS (Blogger's signup-code) STOP" to 72777.

For an Android

Select the blogger that you wish to unsubscribe to and access your menu through the menu button to select unsubscribe.

Subscription Costs

While the cost of the first month's subscription is not charged, fixed charges are levied every month after that as per the standard data traffic rates.

After the First Free Month

At the end of the first month of video messaging service blog subscription, which is free, the user receives an SMS informing about the next month's subscription charges and the validity of the subscription. This keeps the user informed about the payment status and the duration of the free subscription.

Starting a VMS Blog

In order to start your own VMS blog, you can simply mail at You will be guided systematically on how to start your own VMS blog.

Accessing the numerous benefits of a VMS blog really is really as simple as it sounds. You can now follow your favorite celebrity, author or blogger via VMS blogs.

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