Dual USB Car Charger: The Vority Duo31CC Small Charger With Big Features

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The Dual USB car charger is one of those small devices that can do a whole lot more than it looks capable of. There is no end to the features that make it stand apart from other chargers, not the least of which is that it can charge two of your portable electronic devices at the same time. Not only that, the devices do not need to be using the same operating system so that you can charge an IO device at exactly the same time as an android device, simply by connecting them to the charger's dual USB port. This is a big feature that is packed into this small cell phone charger.

Compatible Devices

The cell phone car charger is compatible with a stunning range of devices and these include the follow devices:

• Apple devices

• Android devices

• Kindle devices

The charger has been also been tested and found compatible with:

• iPad 2, 3 & 4

• iPhone 3, 4, 4S & 5

• iPod

• Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note & S

• Nokia Lumia

The fact that the Dual USB car charger works with such a large range of devices demonstrates its versatility as well as its ability to provide a lot of charging from a singularly small charger.

Voltage Input

This is provided courtesy of a direct connection to the car's cigarette lighter and the input voltage is DC 10.5 volts – 18volts which is the equivalent of a 12 – 18 volt battery.

Output Charge

The Dual USB car charger supplies a minimum 5 volt charge and a maximum of 5.3 volts and will quickly charge the devices listed above, two devices at a time. The USB ports are rated at a total of 3.1 Amps. It is worth noting that the input voltage and output charge do not interfere with any other electrical system that may be utilized in the car, such as a wireless or Bluetooth system for example.

Small Size

The Vority Duo31CC Dual USB Car Charger is indeed small as it measures 2.24 inches in length and features a 1 inch diameter. It weighs just .78 of an ounce so is small enough to easily fit into a pocket. Without needing to worry about a regular cell phone charger and a cord, it is far easier to carry about with you and available to plug into the cigarette lighter outlet of any vehicle you find yourself travelling..


The Dual USB car charger has a lot going for it when you consider how small it is and what it can do. This cell phone charger for car is one you will be happy to own because of its versatility and overall functionality, not to mention its tiny size. It comes with a two year warranty as well, which is further proof of yet another big feature for such a small item. All in all, you can look forward to a big performance from this versatile, tiny charger.

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