Online Marketing is Not That Hard Once You"ve Learned How to Do These 3 Things

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Online marketing has distinct advantages over marketing in the offline world.
For starters, the amount of money it takes to start an online business is very low and just about anyone can afford it.
You'll be looking at setting up a simple web page, buying a domain name, which is less than $10.
00 per year and getting a hosting account which usually runs between $4-$15.
00 per month.
You can drive traffic to that website by using any one or a combination of free methods.
Let's look at a couple of those free online marketing traffic methods.
Article Marketing - writing articles and submitting them to article directories is an extremely effective method of generating a ton of targeted traffic.
Simply choose your keyword phrases wisely, write good content on a regular basis and build a list of followers by building an email list, setting up a blog or both.
There are now many people that run their business almost entirely from using article marketing methods.
Viral Marketing - this can easily be merged with article marketing.
The idea behind viral marketing is to create something either very useful, very informative or both, share it with as many people as you possibly can (by article marketing perhaps?) and encourage others to do the same.
This can be accomplished by creating a short report on a topic that you're an expert in, turning it into a PDF (Portable Document File) and start giving it away.
You can monetize it by either placing hyperlinks inside the book directing people to a website where they can sign up for your mailing list, placing your affiliate links inside the eBook or doing both.
There are some free ebooks that have stood the test of time and made their owners thousands of dollars.
Forum Marketing - this method is simply one in which you register to become a member of a forum, in which you have knowledge on the subject matter, and post useful information that can help others.
When you register for a forum many of them will allow you to have what's called a "signature file" at the bottom of each post.
You will have two short lines to display your message and space for a link to your website or affiliate product you're promoting.
The thing you need to be careful of here is to make sure you're not blatantly advertising in your posts.
That will get you kicked out and banned fast! Simply become a contributor and over time you'll be perceived as an expert and more people will click on your link.
This isn't even beginning to touch on the subject as there are many more methods that you can use for online marketing that are either free or cheap.

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