Highly Effective Habits of Successful CA Students

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While your Chartered Accountancy (CA) exams are only a few weeks away, it isn't too late for students to inculcate a few habits that help get prepared to march on for favorable results. By setting up an effective study routine, you will be able to easily stay prepared come exam time.

Understand when you Study the Best

Many students are able to concentrate best during the mornings while the others prefer the peace and quiet of the night. Identify the best hours for yourself and create a time table that includes enough time for study and revision of all subjects along with other day to day activities. It is ideal to study it sections of about 50 minutes each to optimize your attention span and also make time for other things. Try to take on an entirely different subject during each study session. Taking on different revisions and subjects will maintain interest and motivation levels. You may also have to schedule your CA coaching sessions in the middle of all of this.

Creating the Perfect Study Space

Make sure that the space in which you study has everything you will require and nothing that you will not. Before starting assess what it is that you intend to achieve in this session and make sure that you are equipped with all the books and tools within easy reach. Mobile phones can prove to be a big distraction during study hours. Avoid using a tablet or laptop either since students are often tempted to squander away time on social media pages. Nothing works better than the good old paper and pen along with a conventional calculator.

Setting Realist Goals

It is important that you goals that are realistic. They need to be challenging and yet attainable. This can be anything from reading and understanding two chapters from the text book or adhering to the schedule for a month straight. A great way to continue being motivated is finding ways to reward yourself once your goals are achieved. If you are having trouble in this phase, you may want to consider signing up for a chartered accountancy course where the tutors will set your goals for your and provide you the much needed assistance and push to stay motivated.

Narrowing it down

Considering how extensive a quintessential CA syllabus is, it is next to impossible to study everything that there is. It is thus important that you learn how to focus on the important topics of every subject. If you aren't sure what these are, contact your tutor or speak with your peers for ideas. Once you have identified topics that will take up most of your time, you will be able to easily make some time for the smaller details in between.

Finally, test yourself whenever possible. There are a number of coaching classes that organize mock exams and provide practice test papers. Do not only test your understanding in each concept but also make sure you are working on your writing skills and time management abilities. All of this eventually comes together to define your success as a CA student.

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