2 Simple Tips to Jumping Higher Fast

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If you are looking for tips to help you jump higher fast there is a systematic way you will want to approach this.
In this guide I'm going to give you 2 tips to doing this as quickly as possible.
Tip One: Develop Your Leg Muscles The primary muscles involved in leg muscular development, more specifically for jumping, are the thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings), butt, calves and hips.
These are the muscles you'll want to develop power in.
Of all of these muscles, your quadriceps (front of your thighs) should be the focus.
The fastest ways to strengthen these muscles that I have seen is with weight training.
You can also build these muscles for jumping through static exercises (sitting against a wall in squatted position for an extended period of time ie.
5 minutes.
), plyometric training, agility exercises, sprinting/running, or just repetition (jumping more).
Another point that is worth mentioning in muscle development is this.
You'll want to develop your fast twitch muscle fibers.
This is why plyometrics are great because they target these muscle fibers and help to increase your explosiveness while helping you to jump higher.
When you think of explosive athletes you think of players in basketball who play above the rim or are as fast as a jet up and down the court or when exploding to the basket.
The truth is, the more you develop your muscles in your legs the more explosive you'll be.
One of my favorite machines for building muscles to help you jump higher is the leg sled machine.
I use this machine with light weight and do about 4 sets of 25 reps per set and work on exploding up onto my toes on each and every rep.
Also, I face the opposite direction with my chest facing the back rest.
This machine alone is one of the best I've seen for quickly helping your jumping.
Tip Two: Improve Your Jumping Mechanics, Nutrition and Flexibility First and foremost, if you're following step 1 you'll want to add a protein supplement to your diet.
I like a whey protein powder.
You can go down to your health food store and grab a good one.
This really helps to build and repair your muscles after workout and help them build much quicker.
If you aren't jumping properly you may be slowing your progress.
To jump higher you want to have proper mechanics.
It's like a plane trying to take off but isn't aerodynamic.
When you jump focus on making your quadriceps do the work when you jump off the vertical.
I see so many athletes lean forward too much and bend there back too much.
What you want to do is lower your body as if you're going to sit in a chair with your butt dropping and then explode up finishing off the balls of your feet.
You shouldn't bend your back too much.
A big area where athletes hurt their jumping ability is lack of flexibility.
If your range of motion is limited the height you can get up will be limited.
It's like a sling shot.
The further a sling shot can be stretched the farther the object will go.
Same thing with your legs.
Improve your flexibility and you'll quickly notice a difference in your jumping.
Some athletes have noticed increases in their jumping in only a day or two following an intensive stretching program.

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