Top 3 Tips For Newbie Web Developers

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Most newbie web developers grapple with three essential issues: Trust building, Site maintenance and Making the website social media friendly.
The following are the top suggestions to meet these challenges.
How to build trust? A web developer can inspire trust in visitors with a site that meets the following criteria: The site must have links to your privacy policy, terms and conditions and disclaimer at the footer of every page.
The optin-form must clearly state that clients' e-mail information will not be shared with any third party.
Logos of industry affiliations and professional credentials must feature prominently on the website.
Offer free trials and test-subscriptions for all your paid services.
It sends across the message that you are confident of your products/services and have no hidden costs.
The pricing must be completely transparent.
If the final cost to the user includes any taxes or shipment fee, mention it in clear bold letters next to your product's price.
The site must have a clear, prominent and functional "Contact Us' button either on the navigation bar or on the footer of every page.
Some of these points may seem obvious to an experienced web developer, but if you are seeking to hire someone, it is important that you know the key criteria that your website must meet.
How to maintain the website? Maintaining a website for any web developer demands programming skills and the knowledge of the following: Always, always keep backup copies of all your pages, especially while updating your webpages.
Every time you make changes to your website make sure you keep a note of it.
This will help you figure out when what changes were made.
In order to access your images quickly, it is a good idea to keep all of them in a specific subfolder.
Check your website's links and buttons from time-to-time to make sure they are all working perfectly.
Sometimes backend server upgrades can affect the functioning of your plugins.
It will be easier for you to replace old images with new ones, if you decide on some constant sizes based on the page they appear on.
For instance, images on your blog post may be of a certain standard size.
You must also try and keep your font size and style standardized, using too many different colors, styles and sizes will only distract the reader.
How to make your site media friendly? Most journalists are always short of time, so if your website has a complicated layout and/or doesn't have a clear and simple navigation bar, your bounce rate is going to be very high.
Content is extremely important, however, what's equally important is its presentation.
So, make sure that you use short sentences, subheads and bullet points whenever appropriate and your paragraph length shouldn't exceed five lines.
You must also have a page dedicated to the media.
The most prominent feature of this page should be the information about your press contact.
It is also a good idea to insert links to your published press releases and any media coverage that you have received in the past.
There is truly nothing like free publicity, however, to generate in order to generate it a web developer has to put in a bit of hard work.

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