Quick and Easy Science Fair Projects That Teachers Will Like

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In homes across the world, there are parents who are frantically looking for quick and easy science fair projects for their kids. Here is the situation. You are in the typical position parents find themselves in where the deadline is looming and your child has yet to start their project. There were probably some grand plans discussed at the dinner table, and in the car while heading off to music lessons or sports practice, but lo and behold, nothing came from those first ideas. Most likely the assignment the teacher sent home somehow never got put up on the refrigerator with a colorful magnet to remind everyone about this upcoming deadline. So there you are at the last minute looking for an experiment for your child to do.

Putting aside the need to develop a better organizational system, the question ends up being will you actually be able to pull this off. Are there educationally sound, but still quick and easy science fair projects that you can pull together at the last minute for your child to do?

First of all, it might depend on the age. Middle school even upper elementary students are expected to do something a little more involved, where you keep track of data over time. However, there are plenty of demonstration type of projects that are more advanced where the science fair project is done live.

With elementary children you have a better chance of a one day project that meet the standards of the classroom teachers. So age could be a factor.

Second, you need to be sure the quick and easy science fair project you "find" has some educational value. It needs to be a question where while they do the experiment, you learn something along the way. That is why some of those science kits you find for sale are not always the answer, as they give you everything and you just do it. You know, you have a test tube and put some magic powder in and it bubbles. Well there is science involved, but unless the student knows what the magic powder is so they can answer the question about if you can mix this thing with that, then you have a simple, easy project that serves no purpose.

Of course there is always the problem of deciding to look for free quick and easy science fair projects online, or whether to buy one. For many that depends on the time factor, as it takes more time to weed through all the free ones to find good ones than it does to download one you buy. If you are in panic mode, you will just have to trust that you are doing the best you can either way. Try to make sure whatever you end up doing that it is a kid project and not a parent project. The teachers can always tell the difference!

Last minute,  home science projects for kids do not have to be a hassle. They can be fun and save the day.

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