DESIGN - Don"t Turn People Off

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CLARITY -Clean type, clean color, clean navigation.
Get the picture? Oh--not too many pictures and minimal graphics.
Your job is to provide compelling content that attracts visitors and makes them want to call you.
There is so much information on the internet now that people just want "the facts"-an organized sight, with a good deal, and a clear pathway to get what they want.
NO FLASH / NO JAVA -Special effects and animation take too long to load.
Even though the number of people on dial-up is dwindling, still I recommend staying away from these technologies when possible.
When DSL and faster connections become the norm, then you can get fancy.
In the meantime, let visitors access your site as quickly and cleanly as possible, so you can communicate what you do.
CONTACT INFO -Every single page should have your contact information clearly legible.
A visitor should have multiple ways to contact you the moment they say "Aha! I need this!" And don't forget to put it "above the fold"! PROFIT -The ultimate goal is to make money from your site.
OPTIMIZED FOR SEARCH ENGINES As a service professional, you will attract visitors to your site in two ways: Through word-of-mouth, and through searches.
Don't dismiss the power of the engines.
They are important for attracting thousands, rather than just dozens of visitors.
The best way to attract Spiders (the programs that go out and bring back info on your site to the Search Engine's database) is through providing relevant content and key links.
Rarely do surfers search past the top 30 results, so it's important to get a top-ranking position to be seen.
The first step is to actually submit your site to them, unless your web program does this for you.
It can take 2 months or more before your site gets indexed, so be patient.
Link popularity is the term used to indicate how many other web pages link to your web page and is calculated by counting the number of links coming into your site or specific page.
The major search engines respect links.
This includes pages linking from within your site as well as from pages on other sites.
Most search engines measure the link popularity of an individual web page as opposed to your entire web site.
Link quality carries more weight than quantity.
Spend time getting the highest quality links pointing to your site.
The importance of link popularity to your site's overall visibility is usually a large percentage of all factors.
EASY FOR YOU TO UPDATE Unless you're able to update your site regularly, visitor's will have no reason to return.
Your site will become stagnant-just another expensive electronic brochure.
If you rely on your designer to update it, it will become prohibitively expensive and you won't do it.
So design the site initially with the understanding that you will be making the changes.

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