Golf Tips for Better Driving

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Are you content with your drive shots and are they consistent and stay in play? If the answer is no, here are a few golf tips for better driving which will help you to rectify your troubles with your golf drive swing and stay in the middle of the fairway away from trees and bunkers.

Lack of balance is a common fault that a lot of club golfers don't see as vital so they seldomly work on it. All the other aspects of the swing like head down, straight left arm and ball placement are eminent in their mind and they forget about balance. But the fact is that balance is just as important as all the other parts of the swing.

A smooth, controlled transfer of weight on to the left side will help you maintain your balance in the hitting area. It is usually at this stage of the swing that golfers suffer from lack of balance, typically caused by a frantic lunge at the ball from the top.

The follow though position is where you can spot the difference between good and bad balance. If you swing too hard you will swing yourself off your feet. Correct balance will help with your rhythm and timing and will also keep the club head on the correct swing plane throughout your swing.

It is vital to have good tempo and rhythm to be a consistent striker of the ball. You only play effective golf when your tempo and rhythm are relaxed and smooth, even if your set-up is perfect and you swing the club head along the correct path.

Most players swing the club too fast in a vain attempt to work up power and distance. Concentrate on swinging the club smoothly to find your natural tempo and rhythm. Start with just a half swing. When you perfect a solid and consistent strike move onto a three quarter swing, then the full swing. It is important that you concentrate on keeping a good tempo and rhythm when playing a round of golf.

Positive Approach

Never hit your driver flat out, even though your driver is a distance club, unless you are desperate and willing to take a risk. The well known phrase that you should swing your driver like a 9 iron is a great piece of advice. Always try to swing at approximately 70% of full power. This will give you the distance you need but more importantly the control needed to consistently find the fairway.

When you stand on the tee it is essential to do all you can to put yourself in a positive frame of mind. The difference between a great shot and a disaster can be how you feel when you step up to the tee.

Ensure that you tee the ball up high enough so that you don't hit the ground. Select the perfect spot on the teeing area so that you have an even patch of ground and a good foundation for your swing.

If you follow these golf tips for better driving you will stay on the fairway out of trouble and therefore get more enjoyment from your golf.

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