How to Change the Cabin Air Filter on a 2007 DTS

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    • 1). Open the hood of the 2007 DTS and locate the cabin air filter cover on the passenger side of the engine compartment, just under the windshield.

    • 2). Slide a flat head screwdriver under the edge of the cabin air filter cover, pull up to loosen it and then remove it from the engine compartment.

    • 3). Insert the flat head screwdriver behind the push pin located on the right side of the cabin air filter and pry the pin out of the filter housing. Do not discard the pin as you will need it to secure the new filter.

    • 4). Place the screwdriver between the left side of the air filter and the filter housing wall. Press in on the screwdriver to release the retaining pin attached to the filter and with your other hand pull the filter out of the housing.

    • 5). Push the new cabin air filter into the filter housing until you hear the click of the left retaining pin.

    • 6). Install the right push pin by inserting it into the hole on the right side of the cabin air filter housing.

    • 7). Reattach the cabin air filter cover by holding it over the filter housing and pressing down until it snaps in place.


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