I"ve Heard About Facing Fear - What Does It Involve and How Can I Overcome It?

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I think that for any person to have the courage to ask this question, the good news is that they too, have the ability to overcome their fears, and achieve even beyond their wildest dreams.
It is a statement I make in a heartfelt way, given my experiences in life.
Having said that, I will outline my methodical process for dealing with this situation, and hope you will gain some benefit by applying this method in your life, or parts of it to suit your situation.
In any situation where fear is felt, the first question to ask oneself is what the fear is.
"What really is the most unpleasant outcome of this situation that I am worried about?" I ask this question in particular, as with a little analysis and understanding, the key can be found to resolve the root cause of the fear.
Effectively, fear is the assumption of the most terrible outcome from any given situation, after one turns the various possibilities over in their mind and reaches a forgone conclusion that the worst will happen.
If this in itself was not bad enough, the person concerned will also start to worry to the point that other aspects of their life, or relationships may be affected as well.
As you can see, it quickly can become a downward spiral of emotion and tension, most of it unnecessary.
Please note at this point that I am fully aware of the fact this is all very easy to say, and for some people, difficult to implement.
It is at this point, that I hope to help you out.
It is all about taking steps, practicing, and developing a belief, as well as a gratitude and a deeper understanding of the way the mind works.
Putting this together in simpler terms, I am suggesting that when we believe something, we are more likely to attract it to ourselves as well, and this is very damaging.
If we think that we will fail, we will worry about it, and be more likely to attract that failure.
On the other hand by building an image of the success we want, as well as the desire to achieve all we can, we can better manage to get the results we want by visualisation, and attraction of the events that need to take place for our desired results to take place.
This is where the wonderful methods of the universe step in.
It has been proven, in part by science, and continues to be measured and tested, that our thoughts are in fact electronic radio waves, that send out signals to the universe, and other people, It is really important to guard the way we think, as our thoughts influence others.
Is it instant? Not necessarily, but it has been proven, and continues to be so, that our thoughts are major influencing factors to others, situations and events.
Hence, applying this to our lives, we can see that we need to always be thinking of the desired outcomes, and then work our daily tasks,a s well as being open to the rewards of the universe.
I am not saying you should just sit back and relax, and pretend it will all be OK.
In my experience and life, I have found that the universe rewards action, but also in such a way that is sometimes unexpected.
It is important to also understand the subtle point of realising that we can have wants and desires but also to know that we can best manifest them when we are not fussed if we get them or not.
When we are desperate for them, we often find them repelled from us.
However, as soon as we don't care as much, or can let them go, they will often materialise more than we may even have imagined.
I know this can be confusing if it is a new concept for you, but I can assure you, this is a fundamental key in ensuring our desires are manifested.
My reason for explaining the above, is that by eliminating our initial method of dealing with daily life, by being fearful and concerning ourselves with the thoughts of the worst possible outcomes, we can better manage our outcomes from various situations, We always need to be visualising and expecting the best from any situation, as in most cases, the worst never happens.
Further, by focusing on the best outcomes, we better attract the best to us, as well as recognising that we need to eliminate the desperation in our desires.
It acts in a similar manner to like poles of a magnet that oppose each other.

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