How to Make Money Using the Internet - Get Started Now

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I've been earning the majority of my income over the internet for some time now.
 However when people ask me - how to make money using the internet it isn't always easy to answer.
 The problem is that the methods I use may not suit everyone and the simple fact is there are so many thousands of ways to earn a very good living on the internet that it is difficult to focus on one.
The mistake that many people make trying to generate money on the internet is to try too many things at once and give up too easily.
  If you have a plan - you must put in some effort and give it some time to work.
   There is a common thread now amongst many of the 'get rich quick schemes' being sold on the internet to offer this very vague solution.
  1. Set up a blog on a Niche subject
  2. Write some posts on the subject
  3. Add some AdSense Adverts to the Blog
  4. Try to make $20-$30 a week in revenue
  5. Repeat the above 100 times and you have a $3000 a week income
The above is a summary of loads of these 'get rich quick schemes you see being sold on the internet - usually accompanied by a bloke leaning on a sports car in front of a big house !   Aren't I kind - I've just given you the method completely free ! Although there is some truth in the above method - there are numerous problems and obstacles to getting this method to work and making money  on the internet.
 Now it's true that anyone can set up a free blog on the internet using blogger.
com or wordpress and it's very easy to do.
 You can also add AdSense adverts very easily (these are Google Sponsored advertisements) of which you can get income from.
The problem is it takes quite a bit of effort to get people to visit your blog and that effort needs to be maintained if the people are to keep visiting.
   Remember traffic = Money - without any visitors there is no money being generated.
  You can spend lots of effort designing a beautiful blog and maintaining it without ever getting any visitors - generating $20-$30 dollars in advertising revenue sounds easy but it still takes effort and that effort needs to be maintained or gradually your blog will slope off into obscurity.
The fundamental issue with many of these schemes is that they theoretically should work but in practice it is much harder to implement which is why the authors will fall back on writing up the plan, promote it as a guarantee of riches and then make money selling it to you and I.
   If you put in enough effort you could get  the method above to work but you'd have to work extremely hard and would probably make more cash per hour working in a fast food restaurant! Compare this with a young man of 22 who recently sold a blog about finance and banks for $15 million dollars.
 He had a plan and invested the time into his project and it paid off big time.
 The moral is try and work smart and work to a plan - the guys selling you their get rich schemes know if they put a few pictures of millionaire lifestyles doing no work - then your imagination will sell the rest which will keep you going until the realisation that it's not going to work kicks in.
  If it was easy they would carry on doing it themselves.

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