Mental Skills in Golf

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Motivation in sport is critical to success-regardless of what sport you play.
In addition to physical skill and prowess, the mental skills you employ will directly affect how you play and whether or not you score.
This is true in golf as well as any other sport, but perhaps even more so in golf because golf is essentially an individual game.
Your ability to achieve a high score really has little to do with your competitor's actions-there isn't much they can do as a defensive strategy-and everything to do with your preparation for the game.
The one area where competitors can impact your golf game is by rattling your confidence and distracting you from your concentrated approach to evaluating the lay of the land, the individual hole, the hazards, and your game plan for scoring.
But there are ways you can learn to develop focus, clarity, visualization, and positive self-talk to eliminate such distractions, rendering them ineffective.
Chevy Chase's character coaches Danny, one of the caddies in the movie Caddyshack to "Be the ball, Danny.
Be the ball.
" He advocates a type of concentration and oneness it's pretty much impossible to achieve without exercising mental skills prompted by the proper motivation in sport and the proper training of the mind.
As viewers pretty much expect, Danny hits the ball .
but right into the pond.
Not only was his motivation in sport lacking during that scene-since he was preoccupied with something else on his mind-but he also lacked the specific discipline and focus necessary to succeed with the shot because he hadn't received actual mental skills training and coaching.
The 20-second pep talk wasn't enough to achieve the desired results.
And that is to be expected.
Mental skills-in golf or any sport-must be developed, honed, and exercised to be effective.
Self-assessment-knowing your style and where you need to improve-is also critical.
But before you can polish your self-assessment proficiency, it's most helpful to get some advice from the experts-people who do what you want to do and know how to train others to do the same.
An expert can evaluate your golf performance, make recommendations for both the physical attributes of the game-such as improving posture or stance, modifying your swing, or other tips and techniques-and also provide insight into your mental game-what is going on in your head as you are playing.
Or perhaps, what isn't going on in your head is more like it.
An expert can help you determine what should be going on mentally as you play out your game and help you sharpen your mental ability as well as your physical technique.
Most people don't have the resources-beyond a desire and motivation in sport to succeed-to create the kind of mental game they want to play without coaching assistance.
If they had the resources, they'd already be succeeding, right? There's a saying that goes, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you're going to keep on getting what you've already got.
" That same way of thinking can be applied to the game of golf.
If what you're doing isn't getting the results you want, you need to try a new approach.
Motivation in sport is linked to success in sport, so take the initiative to train your mind and develop your mental skills in the game of golf.
It just might be the ticket you need to see a drastic improvement in your game!

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