NFR 2014: Round 2

106 60

Check out results of Round 1 in case you missed the first night of competition. For updated world standings, see the real-time list updated after each evening of rodeo.

Roughtstock Draws:
Bareback Riding: (see stats on stock here)

Winn Ratliff on Crystalyx (Sutton Rodeo)
Jake Vold on Empty Pockets (Beutler & Son Rodeo)
Jessy Davis on Utopia (Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo)
Bobby Mote on RD Mercer (Stace Smith)
Justin McDaniel on Sourdough (Growney Brothers)
Steven Dent on Hollywood Hills (Beutler & Son Rodeo)
Richmond Champion on Joe Dirt (Brookman-Hyland)

Vezain on Delta Force (Frontier Rodeo)
Tim O'Connell on PTSD Power Play (Andrews Rodeo)
Will Lowe on One Sock (Bar T Rodeo)
Caleb Bennett on Twin Cherry (Calgary Stampede)
Tilden Hooper on Pillow Talk (Harry Vold Rodeo)
Austin Foss on Gold Coast (Rosser Rodeo)
Steven Peebles on Right Spur (New West Rodeo)
Kaycee Feild on Beaver Fever (Growney Brothers)

Saddle Bronc Riding: (see stats on stock here)
Spencer Wright on Cimmaron Jack (Beutler & Son Rodeo)
Chad Ferley on Get Smart (Northcott Rodeo)
Wade Sundell on Wild Bill (Frontier Rodeo)
Jesse Wright on Buck Back (Flying Diamond)
Jake Wright on Pretty Boy (Stace Smith Pro Rodeo)
Cody DeMoss on Killer Bee (Beutler & Son Rodeo)
Dustin Flundra on Special Time (J Bar J)
Tyler Corrington on Ned Pepper (Stace Smith Pro Rodeo)
Bradley Harter on Blue Feather (Flying 5 Rodeo)
Cole Elshere on Magic Wars (Mosbrucker Rodeo)
Jacobs Crawley on Spade (Rafter H Rodeo Livestock)
Heith DeMoss on Broken Saddles (Flying 5 Rodeo)
Cody Wright on Tip Off (Frontier Rodeo)
Cort Scheer on Mike & Ike (Carr Pro Rodeo)
Taos Muncy on Tiger Warrior (Calgary Stampede)

Bull Riding: (see stats on stock here)
Tyler Smith on Stiff Drink (Rafter H Rodeo Livestock)
Ty Wallace on Cowtown Slinger (Dakota Rodeo)
Beau Hill on Poker Face (Carr Pro Rodeo)
J.W. Spears on Wiggin Out (Powder River Rodeo)
Brennon Eldred on Dakota Page 
Aaron Pass on Seeing Red (Rafter H Rodeo Livestock)
Josh Koschel on Mug Shot (Salt River Rodeo)
Reid Barker on Foolish Man 
J.W. Harris on Fireball (Salt River Rodeo)
Elliot Jacoby on Never Been Kissed (Rafter H Rodeo Livestock)
Joe Frost on Shroom Bruiser (Burch Rodeo)
Cody Teel on Make Ya Famous (Andrews Rodeo)
Tim Bingham on Bell Ringer (Andrew Rodeo)
Trey Benton III on Two Aces (Growney Brothers)
Sage Kimzey on Gin and Juice (Andrews Rodeo)

Bareback Riding:

First: Steven Peebles, 85
Second/Third/Fourth (tie): Jake Vold, Justin McDaniel and Steven Dent, 83
Fifth: Bobby Mote, 82
Sixth: Tilden Hooper, 81.5
Winn Ratliff, 81
Will Lowe, 80.5
Richmond Champion, 79.5
J.R. Vezain, 78
Austin Foss, 78
Kaycee Feild, 77.5
Jessy Davis, 76
Caleb Bennett, 71
Tim O'Connell, NS

Steer Wrestling:
First/Second (tie): Kyle Irwin and Luke Branquinho, 3.60
Third: Nick Guy, 3.70
Fourth: Bray Armes, 3.90
Fifth: Trevor Knowles, 4.10
Sixth: Casey Martin, 4.40
K.C. Jones, 4.50
Clayton Hass, 4.80
Dakota Eldridge, 4.90
Ty Erickson, 5.20
Dru Melvin, 7.20
Curtis Cassidy, 9.50
Cole Edge, 14.60
Wyatt Smith, NT
Seth Brockman, NT

Team Roping:
First: Turtle Powell/Dakota Kirchenschlager, 3.80
Second: Coleman Proctor/Jake Long, 4.50
Third: Brandon Beers/Jim Ross Cooper, 4.60
Fourth: Clay Tryan/Jade Corkill, 9.40
Fifth: Kaleb Driggers/Patrick Smith, 9.70
Sixth: Jake Barnes/Junior Nogueira, 10.10
Tom Richards/Cesar de la Cruz, 10.90
Erich Rogers/Cory Petska, 12.70
Dustin Bird/Paul Eaves, 19.10
Aaron Tsinigine/Clay O'Brien Cooper, 19.70
Charly Crawford/Shay Carroll, NT
Luke Brown/Kollin Von Ahn, NT
Nick Sartain/Rich Skelton, NT
Riley Minor/Brady Minor, NT
Trevor Brazile/Travis Graves, NT

Saddle Bronc Riding:
First:Jacobs Crawley, 82.5
Second: Cort Scheer, 82
Third: Dustin Flundra, 81
Fourth: Jake Wright, 80.5
Fifth: Cole Elshere, 76.5
Sixth: Spencer Wright, 75
Cody Wright, 74.5
Chad Ferley, NS
Wade Sundell, NS
Jesse Wright, NS
Cody DeMoss, NS
Tyler Corrington, NS
Bradley Harter, NS
Heith DeMoss, NS
Taos Muncy, NS

Tie-down Roping:
First: Cade Swor, 7.70
Second: Trevor Brazile, 7.90
Third: Clint Cooper, 8.00
Fourth: Tyson Durfey, 8.10
Fifth: Matt Shiozawa, 8.20
Sixth: Hunter Herrin, 8.50
Tuf Cooper, 8.70
Clint Robinson, 9.80
Ryan Watkins, 10.80
Reese Riemer, 11.70
Shane Hanchey, 13.30
Adam Gray, NT
Timber Moore, NT
Marty Yates, NT
Cody Ohl, NT

Barrel Racing:
First: Lisa Lockhart, 14.29
Second: Kassidy Dennison, 14.31
Third: Sherry Cervi, 14.35
Fourth: Jana Bean, 14.59
Fifth: Kaley Bass, 14.66
Sixth: Carlee Pierce, 14.81
Samantha Lyne, 14.96
Trula Churchill, 18.99
Nancy Hunter, 19.07
Christy Loflin, 19.15
Fallon Taylor, 19.27
Christine Laughlin, 19.29
Michele McLeod, 19.43
Britany Diaz, 19.45
Mary Walker, 24.11

Bull Riding:
First: Aaron Pass, 89.5
Second: Cody Teel, 85
Third: Sage Kimzey, 80.5
Fourth: Joe Frost, 74.00
Brennon Eldred, NS
Ty Wallace, NS
Jordan Spears, NS
Josh Koschel, NS
Beau Hill, NS
Tim Bingham, NS
J.W. Harris, NS
Elliot Jacoby, NS
Tyler Smith, NS
Trey Benton III, NS

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