Why Windows Runs Very Slow - How You Can Effectively Speed Up Computer Quickly And Fast

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the computer users can not avoid the slow computer if they use Windows Vista as the operating system. As the time goes by, your computer system will slow down. It is not avoidable like a car has to be maintained after long term driving. If Windows Vista is slow, that means that it is time for you to maintain it. However, there are many causes which slow down your computer. If you can solve the reasons, the slow computer will run as fast as the normal.

1.Uninstall Unwanted Programs

It's easy to fall into the trap of installing many different programs on your Windows PC, but the reality is that the more applications you install, the slower your PC will run. This is for two reasons - the first is that many programs actually run 'in the background' of Windows, meaning that they are running even through you aren't using them or seeing them. This means that they eat up system resources such as CPU power and MEMORY usage for no reason at all. Some of the biggest culprits of this problem are the Instant Messaging applications, such as Skype and AIM. To remove the programs you don't want, you just need to click on START > CONTROL PANEL > UNINSTALL PROGRAMS. This will allow you to remove the programs you don't want / need any more.

2.Remove Spywares.

With more and more browser tools like toolbars and free software downloads online now, this has become one of the most common causes of Windows slowing down. What happens is that when users install free software or toolbars for their browser, hidden programs may be installed and are kept running every time Windows starts. These take up memory resources. One spyware may not do much but when you have more of them, the effect is quite substantial. Download spyware removal tools like Spybots or Adware to address this issue.

3. Clean Out The Regsitry.

The registry is another big cause of trouble for Windows 7 PCs. It's a big database which stores all sorts of settings, information and options for your system and is one of the most crucial and central parts of Windows. Not many people even know it exists, but it's being used constantly by your PC, and is actually getting corrupted and slowing your system down. The problem is that since the registry is used so much, it's actually having many of its files saved in the wrong way, making them unable to be read properly. This forces Windows to take longer to read the files it needs, leading it to slow down dramatically.

You can fix this by using a 'registry cleaner', which has been designed to scan through all the regsitry database and fix the corrupt registry files that are in there. You can download one of these tools, install it and it will then scan & remove all the registry problems that are slowing Windows down.


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