The Proper Torque for Wheel Nuts

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    Check Your Manual

    • Your car owner's manual may have the manufacturer's specification for torquing the lug nuts. Always go with this specification, if you have it. If not, ask a dealer that sells your car's brand or contact an auto shop for the information.

    Torquing Patterns

    • You should torque your car's lug nuts in as much of a star pattern as you can, that is, bottom right, top left, etc. This helps to secure the wheel onto the car, preventing wheel tilting.


    • Lug nut torquing is expressed in foot-pounds. Use torque sticks with an air gun or a torque wrench to get the correct torque. If your studs or lug nuts are sized between 12 X 1.25mm to 1.5mm or are 7/16-inch, torque the nuts to 70 to 80 foot-lbs; 14 X 1.25mm to 1.5mm, to 85 or 90; 1/2=inch 75 to 85; and 9/16-inch 135 to 145.


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