How to Grind TIG Electrodes

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    • 1). Secure a piece of tungsten in the chuck of a cordless drill.

    • 2). Turn on a bench grinder. Set the end of the tungsten against the spinning bench grinding wheel at a 30-degree angle. Press the trigger of the cordless drill. Hold the tungsten in place until it has a point with a tapered length roughly two and a half times the diameter of the tungsten.

    • 3). Allow the tungsten to cool for 30 to 60 seconds.

    • 4). Remove the tungsten from the cordless drill. Flip the tungsten and insert the sharpened end into the chuck of the drill.

    • 5). Repeat the grinding process to place an identical point on the other end of the tungsten electrode.

    • 6). Turn off the bench grinder. Remove the tungsten from the cordless drill when it is cool to the touch.


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