Prepaid Cell Phone Plans To Keep Connected

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Due to the fact that many cell phone companies conduct credit checks, it can be difficult for a person with bad credit to get a traditional cell phone without having to place a large deposit on the table.  In order to avoid the deposit, persons with bad credit often choose to purchase a prepaid cell phone.  The phone plan means no worries about credit check or even monthly bills.  Instead, you will have the ability to talk, use the internet and text with many prepaid cell phone plans.

ATT offers the Pay as You Go plan.  The $2 daily plan allows users to only pay the days they talk.  They get unlimited talk time and text on the days the phone is used.  Data cost one cent for every 5 KB.  This means that the user can pay $60-75 per month and talk or text any time, day or night, that is desired.  The plan can be purchased online.  A limited number of ATT prepaid phones are also available on EBay for a reasonable price.

This company offers prepaid plans on a daily or monthly basis.  The monthly plans allow the user to choose the number of minutes, unlimited, 450 or 900.  Internet cost under a dollar daily.  To change to another carrier, just let the minutes expire.  Since there is no contract, no one will hassle the owner about a bill.  The daily plan costs $1.99 daily for the days it is used.  Nights and weekends are free.  Visit the stores or purchase the phones on the internet.

With either of these prepaid cell phone companies the user will need to purchase a sim card from the carrier.  The sim card can be bought at many retail stores, including pharmacies and discount stores.  They may also be purchased at the cellular store where the phone was purchased.  If the phone is purchased on the internet, the internet store may ship the sim card with the phone.  In addition, the phone will need to be activated and minutes will be purchased before it is possible to use the phone for voice, text or internet.

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