Miami Heat Trivia: Are You On Fire?

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The Miami Heat might not have had the greatest of times in the 2007 season, but those of you who are Heat fans still burn for victories.
As you hold onto the chance that next season will burn brighter, you hope that a fire will be lit under some of your favorite players.
Until next season begins, you have the history of the Miami Heat to keep you company, or at least occupied.
Take our Miami Heat quiz to find out if you're on fire or if you could use a few more coals.
Businessmen Ted Arison is credited with helping bring NBA basketball to Miami.
He is also credited with being the founder of what cruise line?
Carnival Cruise Lines b.
Celebrity Cruises c.
Royal Caribbean Cruises d.
Amtrak 2.
Who was Miami Heat's first head coach?
Chuck Daly b.
Phil Jackson c.
Ron Rothstein d.
Pat Summitt 3.
In the Miami Heat's inaugural season, they set an NBA record by losing how many games before gaining their first victory?
25 b.
12 c.
17 d.
2 4.
What year did the Miami Heat make the playoffs for the first time?
1994 b.
1992 c.
1998 d.
1963 5.
When Pat Riley became head coach, he surprised everyone by trading Glen Rice and Matt Geiger for whom?
Shaquille O'Neal b.
Tim Hardaway c.
Alonzo Mourning d.
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 6.
In the late 1990's, what team did the Miami Heat develop a huge rivalry with?
The New York Knicks b.
The Orlando Magic c.
The Charlotte Hornets d.
The Jacksonville Jaguars 7.
Following the 2000 Olympics, Alonzo Mourning was forced to miss most of the NBA season because of what?
A heart condition b.
A leg injury c.
A kidney disorder d.
He was busy washing his hair 8.
Where did Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade attend college?
Marquette University b.
LSU c.
Duke d.
Wellesley College 9.
On December 12, 2005, what happened with the Miami Heat?
Shaquille O'Neal was acquired in a trade b.
Pat Riley became head coach for the second time c.
Dwyane Wade scored 100 points d.
The team went Christmas Caroling 10.
Who did the Miami Heat beat in the 2006 NBA Finals?
The Houston Rockets b.
The San Antonio Spurs c.
The Dallas Mavericks d.
The Harlem Globetrotters Answers: 1.
Carnival Cruise Lines; 2.
Ron Rothstein; 3.
17; 4.
1992; 5.
Alonzo Mourning; 6.
The New York Knicks; 7.
A kidney disorder; 8.
Marquette University; 9.
Pat Riley became head coach for the second time; 10.
The Dallas Mavericks.
See How you did: 9-10 Correct: You know your Miami Heat: it's fair to say you are hot.
No one holds a flame to you.
6-8 Correct: Maybe you're not hot, but you're definitely luke warm.
4-5 Correct: Not horrible, but not great either.
You could benefit from setting the furnace at a little higher temperature.
Less than three: Ice Ice baby...
too cold.

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