How to Fill a Cubicle

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    • 1). Measure the cubicle to determine how much fill material you will need. Ideally, the cubicle should be filled from the floor up to the top panel of the cubicle. A cubicle measuring 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep and 8 feet high requires 800 cubic feet of fill material, less space taken up by office equipment. To reduce the amount of fill material needed, stack large cardboard boxes in the cubicle first to take up space.

    • 2). Choose an evening or weekend to pull the prank. The office should be relatively empty except for you and any helpers you may have.

    • 3). Box up loose items on your coworker's desk, including the mouse, calculators, paper clips, pens and important files. This will speed up the clean-up process later.

    • 4). Using the cling wrap or clear film, create a door to block the opening of the cubicle. Use generous amounts of packing tape or duct tape to secure the door in place. Stretch the material taut to prevent sagging or spillage once the cubicle is filled. Attach the tape to metal surfaces, not cloth, to prevent the tape from losing its stickiness.

    • 5). Set a stepstool or ladder next to the cubicle and fill your coworker's space. You may have to re-position the ladder to make sure the entire cubicle is full to the top.

    • 6). Eagerly await the victim's arrival in the morning. You may want to have a camera ready to preserve your coworker's reaction. Also, you may want to have a shop vacuum and several garbage bags ready to help with the cleanup.


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