The Uses of Polynomials

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    • Polynomials have relevance to nearly all the sciences. Astrophysicists use them to calculate a star's velocity and distance from another object in space. Likewise, they are important in determining pressure in applications of fluid dynamics. Chemists use polynomials to determine the composition of certain compounds and molecules, and they are central to statistics. Statistical formulas use polynomials to ascertain future values of animal birth and death rates, monetary flow and population growth.


    • GPS systems use polynomials to determine specific locations.Jupiterimages/ Images

      In the last 30 years, computer scientists have instituted important uses for polynomials. Most of their work involves locating specific targets via coordinate systems and cryptography. Polynomials are also important to travel. According to the website MathMotivation, "Without the Taylor Polynomial or other polynomial approximation, there would be no way for scientific calculators and computers to perform the calculations needed to guide our spaceships and aircraft."


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