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Finding good answers to the challenging questions of today will require that we have the best young minds working on those answers. They need to have the best science education possible.

Good science education is very important for our country's future, including our national security.  If our enemies were the first ones to develop new weapons, and we couldn't defend them we'd be in big trouble.

What is the best way to learn science?  Maybe there's not just one "best way."  Science projects and science experiments give crucial interactive experiences that help many children learn better.

A major university did a study about science courses and science majors a year ago. They found that 90 percent of college students abandon science as a major because of perceived poor teaching; and, of those who continue to study science, 74 percent of them think their science teaching is of bad quality.

This is not good news for science teachers.  They are perceived as not doing a good job engaging the students and getting them involved. Not that it is easy to do so. Students need interactive learning to get the most out of science classes.

In today's world young people live with technology that has transformed their day to day lives. Watching videos on their cell phones, sending photographs and text messages through thin air -- teachers need to get to these students involved in different ways than before.   Ironically the best way to engage science students is to use one of the oldest and most traditional ways of teaching science.

Science projects and science experiments need to become a part of everyday science curricula.  Not just for students who participate in science fair projects which often are seen as extra-curricular.  They require involvement of parents who often aren't available to help all the time.  Projects need to be done in school, not at home.

That's why internet resources like the Science Projects Store are so valuable.  This new website has a searchable database of 4,137 science project kits and over 5,000 science project books.   This is a great science project resource that parents, students and teachers need to know about.  (Please pass this article on to those who might be interested.)

On the Science Projects Store site you can search for any type of science project or experiment that exists. It has kits, books toys, games and accessories concerning:

1. Elementary school science projects 2. Math science projects 3. Winning science fair projects, 4. Fun experiments with science for children 5. Solar energy science projects 6. "Green" earth science projects 7. Energy science projects, 8. Science projects in chemistry 9. Scientific method projects 10. Science project with a volcano 11. Science projects with plants 12. Music science projects 13. Middle school science experiment 14. Water science projects 15. High School science projects

This website a great resource for science educators and parents,  and it also answers the question: "What do I buy my children for the holidays?" The gifts available from the Science Projects Store will entertain while they educate, and stimulate children's brains, possibly raising their IQ.

Who knows, this website may help students enjoy science education more than ever before, and inspire them to solve the major problems faced by the world today!

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