Network Marketing - The Power of Duplication

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If you are looking at Network Marketing and/or Multi-level Marketing (MLM), there is no shortage of programs to choose from.
Some may be better than others, however, they all have one thing in common; they are all based on the duplication model.
The key to huge success with any Network Marketing program is the ability to have the people in your downline produce the same results that you did.
Hopefully you produced results to get you to the point of coaching new people as they come in.
Where potential millionaires fail, is that they either: 1.
Don't have a system in place to train new people or 2.
They fail to communicate the system.
I don't feel that anybody should do the work for the people in their downline.
That doesn't create a powerful organization.
It still takes commitment from everyone in the organization to make it work.
What I am talking about is knowing what works and having a system in place to communicate that knowledge to new people as they come in to the business.
It's not just about throwing out a bunch of ideas, it's about having a systematic approach that anyone can follow.
Step by step instructions for success.
Then, it is the responsibility of the person passing on the information to coach and/or train the person and the responsibility of the person receiving the information to listen, follow instructions and actually do it.
Most people join MLMs or Network Marketing companies without having a clue as to what to do next.
Without a plan or system in place, these people will likely get confused, angry, disappointed, lose all interest and throw up their hands in disgust and claim, "What a bunch hype.
This stuff doesn't work!" It's like putting together a swingset; as long as you have the instructions, all of the parts, a decent customer support line and a desire to swing, just about anyone can do it.
As you are swinging on your new swingset you can tell your neighbors about how to get a swingset of their very own and you can be confident that they will know what to do when the box shows up at their door.
So there you have it.
Don't be afraid of Network Marketing and MLM.
Before you join anything, do your due diligence and find out what kind of system is in place and what kind of support you can expect, and then have fun! Here's to your success!

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