How to Hang a Pool Table Light

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    • 1). Use the white arrows on the rails to find the center of the table for length and width. The light -- or series of lights, if multiple shades are mounted on a single light bar -- needs to be centered for the table. Illumination should reach evenly to each end of the table and both sides.

    • 2). Use open-end hooks screwed into the ceiling to anchor the light bar to the ceiling. Attach each chain to a hook (or one chain, if using a single-chain light).

    • 3). Measure the distance from the tabletop to the bottom of the light. You need to have the light at least 30 inches (40 inches for billiard standards) above the tabletop. This will provide the best lighting for play.

    • 4). Use the level to make sure the light is level when attaching to the ceiling. Count the chain loops on each side. Then place the level on the top of the light to make sure the light is level; if not, then your ceiling rings are uneven and need adjustment. This step is more important for lights with two chains instead of one.


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