Simple Tips to Get the Maximum Out of Job Portals

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This article is meant to provide you with simple yet highly effective tips to get the maximum out of job portals.

In this time and age, the menace of unemployment is increasing by the day. Many associate it to lack of credible and timely information regarding job openings rather that the lack of vacancies. Here, the job portals are coming to the rescue to people who were devoid of comprehensive and updated job related information. The job portals certainly impart an edge to modern day job seekers over their counterparts of the past. The phenomenal growth of job portals can be to an extent attributed to the convenience it offers to the job seekers.

These portals provide comprehensive job related information under one roof and relieves the job seekers of the hassle of acquiring it from varied sources. Moreover, they are user friendly, easy to use and does not require much technical knowhow on the part of the user. If you too intend to avail the multifarious benefits of job portals, then you have to follow few simple steps finding mention here.

Create keyword specific resume:

First things first, you have to create your resume while keeping online job portals in mind. The resume you intend to post online should make you visible to your potential employers. Using proper keywords specific to your area of expertise would surely help your cause and make you visible to the employers. As per the recent trend, most of the resumes posted on the job portals are not looked at directly by employers. Instead, the employers feed them into a database in which they search from. Therefore, your only chance to be noticed depends upon your optimized resume. Suppose, you are looking for latest government jobs for mechanical engineers then it is advisable to substantiate your resume with specific keyword that reflects your field.

Do not provide too much of personal information in your resume:

It is important to refrain from providing too much personal information in your resume, as furnishing more information than required would render you vulnerable to many fraudsters and spammers operating online. It is better to be specific with your personal details and just mention your phone number and email. Moreover, you should also refrain from providing phone numbers of you previous employers or references unless the vacant job post specifically makes a request for the same.

Do not overlook opportunities for contract or temporary jobs:

Many of us have the tendency to overlook opportunities for contract or temporary jobs available on the job portals. This should be avoided at all expenses, as it offers you an excellent way of making money while you find a better full time job. If the temporary job relates to your field, then it would also give you an exposure to the real working conditions, hone your skills and help your cause in the long run. Moreover, your performance in the contract job can land you a permanent employment in the future.

Visit the discussion forums on job portals:

All major job portals offer discussion forums, where job seekers from different geographical locations can interact with likeminded people. Consistently visiting the discussion forums on job portals enables you to get advice and make connections that may lead to getting a job for you.


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