How to Detail a Car Engine & Compartment

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    • 1). Open the hood. Use plastic baggies or aluminum foil to cover areas that could potentially cause mechanical problems if soaked with water. You should cover the spark plugs, distributors, coils and other exposed electrical parts. Also cover or stuff a rag into air intakes.

    • 2). Spray engine cleaner on the entire surface of the engine, including the underside of the hood. Let the cleaner soak in for a few minutes.

    • 3). Scrub the entire engine, using a wash mitt or a large towel for large, flat areas and a detailing brush for hard to reach places.

    • 4). Use a hose to rinse off the engine after you've scrubbed and loosened the dirt and oil. Start with the underside of the hood and work your way down. Use a wide spray pattern that's not too powerful.

    • 5). Wipe down the entire engine bay with a clean rag or use an air compressor. Running the engine for a few minutes also creates heat that dries the engine.

    • 6). Spray Armor All or another type of rubber and plastic dressing on the rubber parts in the engine bay and wipe with a clean rag. Use a rag to dry the hoses and wiring harnesses.

    • 7). Polish chrome, aluminum or other metal parts with a metal polish. Don't forget to wipe down the walls of the engine bay.


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