How to Check for Tread Wear on a Tire on a Ford Taurus

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    • 1). Look closely at the outer edge of the sidewalls of your Taurus. See if there is a "TWI" or symbol for the tread wear indicator.

    • 2). Feel and look closely at the tread that the tread wear indicator indicates. If there is little or no tread left in this area, it's time for a change.

    • 3). Buy a tread depth gauge for those tires without the tread wear indicator. You can pick one of these up at the local auto parts store beside the valve stems and tire pressure gauges.

    • 4). Take readings along the width of the tire tread by inserting the actuator into the slot between the treads. Be sure you fully engage the spring mechanism on the depth gauge.

    • 5). Make sure to take at least four readings with the tread depth gauge across the width of the tire tread. Note any reading lower than 1/16 of an inch.

    • 6). Replace the Taurus tires when any reading falls bellow the 1/16-inch depth with 215/60-16 sized tires, unless you have different sized wheels than the original equipment.


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