Acrylic Identity Badges Are Ideal For Conferences and Seminars

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See-through acrylic conference badges with an off-set litho printed insert are a nice looking option for several occasions where a name badge is essential.
Litho printing means you will get high quality colored images without compromising presentation - alternatively you can always use a good quality office laser color printer.
Basically, this kind of acrylic identity badge has a card insert which means you can get new inserts as necessary but still retain the use of the badge holder.
Along with clear acrylic some badge manufacturers produce badge holders with a decorative border in a choice of colors.
Acrylic badge weight On the other hand, you need to think carefully about the weight of acrylic identity badges and also the expense associated with off-set printing.
In traditional printing, colors tend to be charged separately.
Therefore, what at first, looks like an economic one color print soon becomes expensive if a full color print is necessary.
This is because additional colors attract extra charges for added printing plate costs.
Therefore, something starting out as a possible comparatively cheap name badge often becomes quite expensive - particularly if there's a minimum quantity; as is often the case for conventional litho printing.
Alternatively, when the occasion demands a full color print it might be less expensive to go for a name badge with just one set-up cost and without extra charges for added colors.
This is possible because many of the old-school printers are now using Xerox style instant printers for short run work.
However, if the quantity is really small you might be better off using printing inserts from an in house office color laser printer.
Nevertheless, whichever method you choose acrylic badges will always be worth considering for any meeting.
A number of people believe that an acrylic identification badge is way too heavy for general use particularly when mounted on flimsy dresses by way of a pin or crocodile fastenings.
In fact it is true, that in these situations, the badge may have a tendency to drag the clothing or sag when the fastening is badly positioned.
Nonetheless, this isn't an insurmountable problem and it is overcome simply by using a ball chain, a lanyard or, perhaps what's even better, a correctly positioned magnetic fastening.
Magnetic acrylic identity badges A magnetic fixing, for many meeting organizers, is rapidly becoming the favorite method to fix badges to clothing - no more claims for spoiled or ruined quality dresses, blouses or suits.
Despite the fact that acrylic identity badges usually are not inherently lightweight they can be extremely durable and therefore are often popular with some organizers as their favorite identity badge.
Lanyard acrylic identity badges Earlier it was mentioned that a lanyard was an alternative means of carrying the acrylic identity badge which has, similar to the magnetic fastening, some really significant advantages.
The lanyard can be printed with a sales message personalized in several colors.
And significantly, for any conference or meeting coordinator, utilizing a lanyard means little or no moaning from attendees about old fashioned crocodile clips, brooch and safety pin fastenings.
For this reason, many organizers are happy to dispense with clips and safety pins for identity badges.
Therefore, perhaps an ID badge with a magnetic fitting or perhaps a lanyard could well be the solution to identifying a conference attendee during the 21stcentury - and a worthwhile bonus is the acrylic identity badge is usually re-used at other events.

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