IPhone 4 Tips You Will Love

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Apple's iPhone 4 is one of the best handsets for lovers of electronic gadgets. It is important that users are aware of as many iPhone 4 tips as possible. If you happen to be the owner of this gadget then it is only natural that you would want to know about the various iPhone 4 tips that are there. Apple has made so many things available to its users and given below are a compilation of all those important tips that will help in a better user experience.

1) The Safari browser allows users to watch all the Google videos. iPhone 4's Bluetooth streamlines audio music and in this way everything could be uploaded while users listen to them.

2) The advanced mapping system of iPhone 4 also allows for saving locations ad hence getting directions takes only seconds. This way user can save multiple destinations plus get the directional access all the time.

3) Another one among the useful iPhone 4 tips is this that users can switch from quickly swipe from alpha to non-alpha keyboard. Users have to simply hold down iPhone 4's punctuation key and then slide towards the character that is to be used and release.

4) Using the "CAPS LOCK" feature is really simple. Users can go to general settings and enable it. Users can also double-tap the shift-key. 

5) If you don't want your incoming calls to ring then you can press sleep/wake button. If you press the same button twice then the call will be immediately diverted to voicemail.

6) Users can easily delete emails by swiping on that particular email from left-right and then tap the delete button which is on its right.

The iPhone 4 has lots of interesting functions. By reading the manual and searching online you can get into the details. The iPhone 4 is very expensive and it is entirely on you as to how much you maximize its complete potential. Hopefully the iPhone 4 tips mentioned above should help you find the device a lot more convenient for use.

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