How to Replace an Oil Pump in a Saturn Ion

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    Remove the Oil Pump

    • 1). Drain the engine oil and remove the negative battery cable and the air cleaner assembly on your Saturn Ion. Take the right front wheel off and remove the engine splash shield and accessory drive belt. Also take out the crankshaft vibration pulley and the belt tensioner.

    • 2). Take out the drive belt idler pulley, power steering pump and camshaft cover. Remove the right side engine mount-to-front cover nuts along with the engine mount-to-midrail bracket nut.

    • 3). Remove the front four oil pan bolts, the front cover bolts and the drive rotor and driven rotor on your Saturn Ion.

    Install the New Oil Pump

    • 1). Insert the new relief valve into the cover bore, coating it with clean engine oil. Pack the oil pump assembly with petroleum jelly. This gets it set for proper priming.

    • 2). Install the drive and driven rotors into the pump. Make sure the chamfer is facing toward the front oil seal of your Saturn Ion.

    • 3). Seal the oil pump body cover with new bolts torqued to 97 in-lb. Put in the front oil pan bolts, torquing them to 80 in-lb and add the front cover. Torque the perimeter and center bolts to 19 ft-lb and the lower center bolt to 89 in-lb.

    • 4). Set up the front oil pan bolts, torquing them to 80 in-lb. Install the camshaft cover and the drive belt fasteners. Torque the fasteners to 26 ft-lb.

    • 5). Add the power steering pump and the drive belt then torque the pulley bolts to 33 ft-lb. Install the engine mount-to-midrail bracket nuts initially then the engine mount-to-front cover nuts. Torque all these nuts to 37 ft-lb.

    • 6). Put the right front splash shield and wheel on. Reconnect the negative battery cable and fill the engine with fresh oil. Turn the Saturn Ion on and check for leaks around all the parts replaced.


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