Adventure Chronicles Cheats

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    • "Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure Cheats" is a sequel game to "Escape the Museum." In this game, the main character Sarah is searching for treasures across the word with the help of an old treasure hunter's journal. You must solve a number of puzzles to find these treasures.

    Basic Hints

    • Each scene in the game has a Geocache item for you to find that is not on your item list. If you click on "Geocache" at the top of the screen, you'll get a riddle on where to find the item. If you look in your journal, you'll get clues to solve puzzles in that scene.
      Among the items to find that are on your list, the blue items can only be found once you perform certain actions in that scene.

      You can move from one scene to another even if you have not completed that scene, and you can go back to a scene you have completed. In fact, you'll need to go to certain locations to find clues to other places. Go to the map on the screen's upper right corner and click on one of the dots to travel to another area.


    • You have a number of tools to help you find items. Drag the item finder across the screen to hear it beep; the louder it is, the closer you are to an item. The archaeologist brush will clean off dust to uncover items. The hammer breaks items like pots and crates to find items in there. The lighter burns items.

    Geocache Items

    • The National Treasure scene has a John Hancock pen you must find. The Empire State Building has a foreman's hard hat. The Retired Federal Reserve has a 1798 English Dueling Pistol, Ulysses Grant's home has General Custer's coat button, the NYC Docks has the Princeton Steamship's propeller and the Brooklyn Bridge has John Roebling's watch.

      In Chapter Two, look for a French gunner helmet at the Masonic Temple, a jeweled crown in Notre Dame and a China teacup and saucer in the Pantheon. The National Library has a mantle clock, the Grand Palace has a bust of Napoleon and the Paris catacombs contain Knight's Templar gold coins.

      In Chapter Three, look for a bust of Anubis in the Lost City of Petra, a Roman helmet in the Fortress of Babylon and a cobra idol in the Temple of Ra. The Great Sphinx has a Napoleonic cannonball, the Hall of Records has a sacrificial dagger and an antique French necklace is in the Lost Tomb.


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