Promotional Merchandise Vs Other Marketing Methods

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The objective of any promotion is to get results by maximizing brand awareness.
There are many different marketing methods.
Some of the most common types of promotional marketing include: advertising in magazines, yellow pages, billboards, newspapers, TV, radio, promotional products.
Of course there are additional methods such as signs, flyers, and circulars, advertising on buses or automobiles and even writing a message in the sky with an airplane.
Listed below are some common marketing methods you may want to consider: Newspapers: Newspaper ads have the potential to reach 150,000 readers, however only 10% or 1500 readers may be potential clients.
It will most likely require between 2 and 5 ads to reach these prospects at an average cost of $500 to $5000 per advertisement.
As you can see, the cost of advertising using this method can quickly get expensive.
Radio: Radio advertisements unlike newspaper ads are more likely to be heard several times throughout the day when a prospect is generally more likely to be responsive to your advertisement.
However, in order for a radio advertisement to be effective it will need to be heard several times (at least 3) throughout the day which would mean your advertisement would need to be scheduled a minimum of 5-8 times a day.
That also makes this advertisement method quite expensive as well.
Television: When done correctly television ads can be very effective but their cost is incredibly expensive especially if you consider that many of your prospects may "tune out" during a commercial break.
Billboards: The great thing about a billboard advertisement is that it will typically appear for several weeks however, they are generally more effective for branding purposes rather than "direct response", not to mention their high cost.
Yellow Pages: If your prospect has already decided that he or she has a purpose for your product or service then a yellow page ad can be an effective marketing tool.
However, a huge disadvantage to this advertising method is that you are only able to update your ad once a year unlike other advertising methods.
Magazines: The good thing about advertising in a magazine is that they tend have a much more targeted audience however; they are most likely replaced when the next issue arrives or are thrown away after they are read.
Direct Mail: Traditionally, using direct mail to market your business was considered hit or miss like the other marketing methods listed above because if the prospect did not have a need for your service or product at that time your letter would either end up in the trash or filed away in a draw.
However, when you combine traditional direct mail marketing with the use of promotional products, such as a pen, magnet, etc you are able to remain in front of your prospect.
When done correctly advertising using promotional products is a great alternative to other marketing methods because they allow you to get in front of your target audience and stay there.
No matter which method you use to promote your business the end objective is always the same: branding yourself in order to gain additional clients.
Before choosing a marketing method you will need to consider your target audience, the frequency at which you want to deliver your marketing method and of course your budget.

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