How to Do a Fatality in Mortal Kombat Armageddon

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    Performing a "Kustom Fatality"

    • 1). Defeat your opponent in two rounds of battle. After his life bar has been depleted, a voice will say "Finish Him" and a slowly draining red meter will appear on the screen. You must enter your attack commands before the red meter empties.

    • 2). Begin with an Attack move. Attack moves cause physical damage to your opponent. This will cause the red meter to refill, allowing you more time to perform your second move. Transition moves maneuver your opponent's body into a different position, to facilitate more varied attacks. Finishing moves end the chain by doing final, lethal damage to your opponent.

    • 3). Continue the chain by performing Attack and Transition moves in the order of your choosing. Each time you successfully perform a move, the red meter will refill; however, the meter will also deplete more quickly after each move. A number next to the meter will count the number of successful Attack moves you have performed.

    • 4). Perform up to ten "Attack" moves in the chain, making sure not to repeat any "Attack" move twice. Use "Transition" moves to create new attack options.

    • 5). Perform a Finishing move to complete the chain and kill your opponent. There are many button presses for the different fatalities, so consult a list of moves to learn the abilities of your favorite characters. The game will rate your performance based on how many moves you were able to chain together. If you performed all ten Attack moves and a Finishing move, you will receive 500 gold coins and the rating of Ultimate Fatality.


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