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It is no secret that MLM and network marketing is becoming more and more accepted by society.
As it becomes more accepted the resources available to help you grow you business are multiplying daily.
So how do you know which way to turn? Today I was listening to a training done by Jerry Clark a legend in the MLM arena.
He not only grew huge multi-million dollar businesses he is also a fantastic personal development speaker.
The one aspect he covered greatly is the need for continually developing yourself.
This is the theme all successful people teach.
They all say your income will not exceed your personal development level! Well that sounds great but what does it mean? In simple terms it means if you think and act like a successful person you will become a successful person.
If you continually focus on the negative aspects or failures that you have your business will not grow.
It was about two years ago that I realized this theme with successful people and personal development.
It was at a conference where many leaders were presenting and sharing their successes.
Every single one started their story talking about their beginning in the MLM industry.
Each one of their desires and dreams were fueled by a personal development activity.
They all shared that they did mind growing activities every single day in the beginning to keep them going.
After that conference I started to take notice of personal development and its link to personal success.
The bottom line is every successful person preaches, teaches, and lives this concept.
MLM industry leaders seem to embrace this type of growth in a very serious way.
Most companies take pride in their personal improvement training for their independent representatives.
So I know that you are thinking that you barely have enough time to work the business how can you fit in time for improving yourself? Most of us spend time in a vehicle for some part of the day.
Get yourself some audios to listen to in the car.
You also can download recordings to your MP3 player and listen to it while you're are taking a walk or even cleaning your house.
One thing for you to remember is that many great resources come in the form of a book.
In the online environment sometimes it is easy to forget about paperback books.
We are overwhelmed by e-book offers and fancy systems that we do not even consider reading a real book.
Most of the time you can pick a book up at a much lower cost and then you can start your own personal development library.
When you embrace the concept that your income will not exceed your mindset you will find time for personal growth on a daily basis.
If you would like more information on MLM resources to help you grow your business check out the link in the resource box.
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