Insurance Sales - Do You Have a Selling Attitude?

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Don't confuse a positive attitude with a selling attitude if you want career sales success.
You can have the most positive attitude of anyone in your field and absolutely stink when it comes to results.
Don't try to talk yourself into a positive attitude get a positive attitude.
You get a positive attitude from the results you achieve when you have properly developed your selling attitudes.
Your selling attitudes are really habits of thought that are demonstrated through your behaviors, that lead to the actions you take and the results you either get or don't get.
So, if you aren't getting the results you want it might be time to take a look at your attitudes and habits.
Develop an attitude of persistence and determination.
That means that wherever you are on your journey to sales success you will persistently do what you need to do to become a top professional.
You will have the determination it takes to try and try again until you discover the approach that works for you, and enables you to connect with your potential customers.
A persistent and determined attitude will allow you to look at every experience as an opportunity to discover the skill you have within you to be better than you are today.
Develop an attitude of superior quality.
Approach each day with the intention of performing your work to the best of your ability.
This requires attention to detail.
It requires being fully aware of yourself and your prospects at all times, and focusing in on the needs of those prospects.
It requires understanding your prospects on a deeper level than your competition.
To be the best sales person you have to focus on developing the attitudes, habits, and skills to be the best.
Your career sales success will depend on your attitude about being willing to do more.
You have to be willing to do more than you're paid to do.
Through the quality of the work you do, through the service you provide, to the level of understanding you have about the prospect, and to your commitment to your own growth and development.
If your attitude only supports doing what's expected you'll never obtain more than average results.
It isn't until your attitude supports doing more than your paid to do that you'll get better than expected results.
A selling attitude requires that you're always pleasant even when others aren't.
There will be times when you are ill used and abused by prospects and customers.
You can't control their attitudes and behaviors, so you have to control your own.
Your pleasant selling attitude is one of the quickest ways to diffuse and disarm those with a nasty attitude.
Your pleasant selling attitudes are your first opportunity to establish rapport so you get the chance to use your selling skills.

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