How to Dunk a Basketball! - 4 Tips to Jump Higher and Dunk Hard!

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A major aspect of a basketball player's game is dunking the ball.
The better the dunk, the more you impress people.
The key component to dunking is jumping higher! Here are a few things that will help you gain at least 20 inches on your jump height.
This is easy and effective.
Start by simply running up the stairs and walk back down.
Then run up the stairs skipping a stair with each step.
Then Hop with both feet up the stairs.
Ten Hop on 1 foot up the stairs.
All of these exercises work your calves tremendously, which is a huge part in jump height.
Do these workouts every day.
Hill Sprints!
Find a hill around where you live that has a steady incline.
The steeper the better for this workout.
Start at the bottom and simply sprint as hard and as fast as to can.
Keep the sprints limited to about 70 yards.
Remember, with this workout, you are workout on quickness, not endurance.
Do 6-8 hill sprints a day.
Lunges are a workout that works on both aspects of jumping.
Start standing with your feet shoulder width apart, with a dumbbell in each hand.
Step forward and touch your back knee to the ground in a split squat position.
raise yourself back to standing and repeat with your opposite leg.
Do 3 sets of this workout with 20 reps, each leg, per set.
Muscle Memory!
Your body has a great ability to adapt to what you consistently do.
This is true for jump training.
Practice jumping often and your body will naturally adapt to help you jump higher.
You should never skip a day of jump training.
I'm not saying to exercise all day long everyday.
Just work out no less than 15 minutes a day.
Just enough to not let your muscles forget!

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