How to Bowl a Strike - Step by Step How to Bowl A Strike

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Your bowling gear is all in place and you're ready to get your game going.And you don't want to embarrass yourself with a gutter ball, right? There's a way to make sure it doesn't happen. Knowing how to bowl a strike is actually a technique that is quite easy to learn. All you need is to practice a few times, and you'll become a natural.

Let's look at how to make sure you strike all the pins with a single shot every time:

The key to getting it right is how your feet are positioned. This make take some getting used to, but if you keep trying you will get the hang of it. If you're right handed, place your left foot to face the right side of the frontal pin. Your right foot should be on the left side of it. Position your feet when you are approximately four steps from the foul line so that you have enough step-room to gain the right momentum as you move towards the foul line.

Like with any other skill you are trying to master, its best to learn when you are most relaxed. Best way to do this - take 3 deep breaths. Be positive in your mind that you're going to hit the strike, that's already half the battle won. envision all the pins toppling over.

Now, lets work on getting the upper body position correct. This has to do with your shoulders and your waist. Hold your shoulders so that they are parallel to the foul line. And don't move your waist, because this will get your shoulders out of position. Take time to do this correctly, and as you do it, remember to still keep your feet in place.

You should be holding your ball at this point. Turn your hand away from you once you have gripped your ball.

Its now time for approach. Lead off with your right foot. Take the 2nd with your left and the 3rd with your right. As you move through the steps, you have already started to swing your ball backwards. By the time you get to step four, your ball will be in throw position - in fact you'll feel the weight of it more as it comes lower and its time to let go.

Aim for the center dot in your lane as you release the ball. All the while, your eyes are one the pins. Don't be tempted to let your eyes off the pins and look at the ball as it moves down the lane. Remember, if you move your eyes, it's very likely that you'll move your upper body too and be out of alignment at the moment when you throw. Your ball will go for the center pin, and all the pins will come down!

Its time to celebrate, now that you know how to bowl a strike. Good luck, and may your bowling scores improve greatly!

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