How to Build a Downline

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It is easy to visit a website, and be told to build a downline, but that doesn't help the new marketer.
They don't want to be told what to do but how to do it.
If you know how to build a downline, then you need to be showing people how to follow you.
When people see what you are doing, they will want to do the same.
They know you're successful at building your downline, and they don't want to hear it is a huge secret.
They want you to share that secret with them.
One of the fastest ways to build your downline is for people to see you are successful, and they will want to join your downline as well.
But, it isn't about getting them to sign up for your list, but to keep working with them, encouraging them to build their list as well.
When you are seen to be successful, people will want to know more, that is human nature.
They want to know which companies you use, they will be asking so many questions.
It is these opportunities you need to address to build your downline list.
Imagine being asked about your business, that people are ready to get their money out.
But, instead they find you are part of a free downline builder, and suddenly, they are even more interested because of the value you are giving them.
They can't start to imagine what else you are going to offer them.
They are waiting to be shown how to be successful, and this is the key.
You need to keep showing them, you need to keep encouraging them.
People like to be rewarded when they do a great job, and this is something else you should do when building your list.
Always ask yourself, what would have made my life easier; what did I learn that others could really benefit from? You'll see that people respond when receive help and a great service.
Some people will join your downline, but they will do nothing with it.
Don't be discouraged, because there will always be people who buy and quit almost immediately.
The people you'll need to help are those who are serious about their business, and want to know more and more.
Encourage them to use the same techniques to their list, emphasizing that people will be added to their list as well.
Quality will win through all the time, but also be available to the people in your downline.
You need to remember what it was like when you first started, and had no idea what to do.
Don't let emails go unanswered for long periods.
That doesn't mean you have to be online 24/7 but do check them at least once a day.
If you don't know the answer, let the person know that you will see if you can find out the answer.
This will give people in your downline confidence in your, and that confidence will encourage them to get other people to sign up.
It really is a never ending circle.

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