Seo Advantages And Disadvantages

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With the advent of internet many things have changed so do the internet marketing. With the growing number of netizens, the marketing world has to invent and discover many new trends of internet marketing. For marketing our products and selling them online, we are supposed to have a website. In order to make it visible for search engines, we need meaningful and quality content, search engines rate a website on the organic links and the content they provide.

First of all we should understand what Search Engine Optimization is and what are SEO benefits?

Search engine optimization means to do certain things for your website to draw more traffic, there are a few things that could be done for increasing the traffic but we will talk about the SEO article writing. This writing is considered as one of the organic means of generating traffic to your website. In this kind of writing, a writer writes his articles around keywords based on search engine results locally or globally. This is the ability and the duty of a content writer to collect information from different authentic sources of the web and streamline it before being dished out. A writer is supposed to make sure that the information is 100% genuine and useful for the visitor in that niche. The content must be free from any kind of plagiarism.

These SEO articles can be published on different article directories with a link to the main website. There are many article directories who charge you for publishing your articles, whereas there are hundreds of the articles directories who dont charge for using their services of article posting. You can use the free article directories and get SEO benefits. When netizens search for specific keywords, search engine displays a list of websites which are having the related keyword content. After reading the precisely written content, if a visitor is satisfied and he clicks on the link provided with in that article. By this way you will get a visitor, who can be a prospective customer to your online store. So as much traffic these articles will draw towards your website, the higher ranking it will get. Getting traffic is directly proportional to the rating.

To research and analyze further the SEO advantages, a survey was conducted on internet and it shows that a visitor is nearly three times more attracted to the SEO links as compared with the paid advertisements. Other SEO advantages are that SEO is an organic and most profitable means of generating traffic with a low cost of investment. Search Engine Optimization is affordable, it can enhance your online visibility and you will find a noticeable change in your website traffic.

The power of internet is to reach peoples bedroom and on the other side they can visit our online store by sitting in the coziness of their homes. So it would be useless to have an online store, if we dont get enough traffic. SEO article posting can be the best option to generate right kind of meaningful traffic for your online store.


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