How to Teach Ordinal Positions to Kindergarten

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Teaching Ordinal Positions


Place five items on a desk or table. Ask children to tell you which item is first in the line, which is second and so on. Also, ask children to tell you which position each item is in. For example, ask "Which position is the chalk?" Encourage children to use the ordinal position words rather than just the numbers. Keep in mind that it is best to work in small groups of either three or five items until children master the ordinal position vocabulary.

Split your kindergarten class into teams of five students each. Make sure the teams are standing in straight lines with each student standing directly behind another. Give each child in line an ordinal position and ask them to remember the position. Play "Steal the Bacon" with the students by placing an item about fifty yards away from where they are lined up. Once the children are ready, shout an ordinal position and have the children in that position run to the item and try to "steal the bacon."

Use ordinal positions when asking children to recall details about books you have read. For example, read a simple story book to your class, such as "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. Give children five pieces of construction paper and label each with ordinal numbers. Ask children to recall the first five things that happened in the story and to draw a picture or write a sentence on each page to explain what happened first, second, third and so on.

Create ordinal number sticks using popsicle sticks and construction paper. Cut a number out of colored paper and place it on a popsicle stick. Hand the numbers out to the class. Say the ordinal positions to the children and ask them to line up in order as you call their position. This activity will help children draw a parallel between numbers and ordinal positions.

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